Introduce Your Baby to the Miracle of Perfect Sleep

My name is Revital and I'm a professional, certified baby sleeping trainer by Dorit Kreiser's Sleep All Night method. My role is to help parents whose babies have difficulty falling asleep (and staying asleep through the night).

Most parents have felt the pain of seeing their beloved baby trying to sleep. It can be hard to know how to respond. Sometimes you're just left feeling that nothing you try ever works. But simple improvements to habits, routines and behaviors can change your child's whole sleep patterns.

I will show you how.

I use a powerful and proven method developed and taught to me by a world leading expert in helping babies sleep. By making small changes to the parent's behaviors and responses it's possible to promote the baby's natural instinct to sleep.

Powerful Health Benefits

The true value of healthy and uninterrupted sleep is only now being fully realized. And nowhere is this more important than in babies. The fast growth and development of a baby's body and brain means that they have an enhanced need for healthy sleep to restore and re-energize.

The method I use doesn't just allow your baby to fall asleep quickly. It also encourages deeper, longer lasting periods of sleep with fewer interruptions. When your baby sleeps for 10-12 hours each night you can relax knowing that his or her health is being looked after by sleep's powerful restorative effects.

A Better Life for Parents

The parents I work with are often tired, stressed, even feeling guilty. Many have a sense of responsibility and a feeling that they are to blame for their child's poor sleep. The truth is that any mistakes are made out of love alone. The natural instinct of any parent is to try and encourage their baby to sleep... But many of the common methods we turn to most naturally simply don't work.

Understanding your own reactions and the effect they have on your child will make a great improvement to your baby's life and your own.


Give your baby the perfect treat ever!

With so many parents spending time, money and energy trying to persuade their babies to sleep it's clear that a new approach is needed. The method I use is based around managing the parent's responses to gently encourage their baby's natural need to sleep.

The Right Response Encourages Sleep

The technique I use works without the need for aids like pacifiers, or even the need for rocking your baby. Instead it is based around simple, but effective, behavioral methods. There's no mystery about when your baby needs sleep, he or she will tell you in a dozen little ways. You only need answer with the right response and your baby will soon drift off.

At the heart of the method are 3 simple messages you can silently communicate to your baby:

  1. You Need to Sleep

    Sleep is a natural part of all of our lives. We need sleep in just the same way that we need to eat or drink. The desire for sleep comes naturally and sleep itself should do too.

  2. We Are Here

    Your baby must feel safe, secure and nourished by your love if he/she is to sleep.

  3. We Trust You to Succeed

    The parents' mindset is silently communicated to their baby. Doubting and fretting over your child's sleep will only promote unease in your baby. Have confidence that your baby will sleep and this sense of calm, tranquil belief will pass between you and your little one.

A Method that Works - Whatever the Circumstances

There are many events that may provoke a disturbance in a baby's sleep. Babies can fall ill, or may share a room with a sibling, or have to sleep somewhere unfamiliar. This may be due to a vacation, relocation, or maybe due to moving between two parents' houses in cases of divorce. Whatever the reason, the method is powerful enough to overcome events that often lead to broken sleep patterns. You will feel deeply empowered by your new found knowledge of how to respond to your baby's cries. You will enjoy healthier, deeper sleep yourself and become a better and more confident parent.


If you would like to receive caring and expert support to help your baby sleep, book a training session today!

Every baby is unique and special, and every family's circumstances are different. I take proper time to train carefully with the parents I work with to be sure that the methods I use are suitable for them and their baby. With many methods available for teaching babies to sleep you should ask yourself some questions before selecting the right training for you.

The Process

First I will meet with you and your baby, inform you about the method I follow and allow you to decide whether you feel this is the right approach for you. If we decide to continue I will prepare a plan for you to follow tailored to your baby's unique learning needs.

As you move through the plan you can fill out a report which will allow me to check your baby's progress. I will provide helpful guidance and feedback throughout the 7 day process. If, after 7 days, your baby needs extra support I will provide this free of charge. At the end of the process I will send your baby a certificate to celebrate him/her sleeping soundly through the night.

What You Will Learn

As we move through this process together you will come to understand more about yourself and the way that your behaviors and reactions influence your baby's ability to sleep.

You will come to see that sleep is a natural life-skill that your baby must learn. Sleep is not continuous - rather it is formed of cycles. Periods of deep, restorative sleep are mixed with periods of lighter sleep. It is during the transition between these phases that your baby may wake.

Many parents' natural reaction is to feed their baby, provide a pacifier or rock their baby back to sleep. While this may work as a short-term measure the baby will become dependent on these methods to sleep. When we work together you will learn to react correctly to your baby waking, in a way that will allow your baby to learn to sleep independently - without the need for other aids or interactions.

Teaching your baby this natural life skill is no different to teaching your baby to walk or talk... Contact me to book your training session - I'm looking forward to working with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How important is it for my baby to sleep well?

A. Sleep is just as important to your baby as feeding. His/her body and brain are growing quickly and every day brings new experiences and challenges. Sleep's powerful restorative actions have a big effect on your little one's development.

Q. Will you show me how to make my baby sleep?

A. Many parents make the mistake of thinking that their baby needs to be made to sleep. We hear it said so often - 'I can't make him go to sleep. But the truth is a baby doesn't need to be made to go to sleep - only allowed to do so naturally and independently. The method I use is about teaching and encouraging your baby to sleep on his/her own.

Q. When should I put my baby to sleep?

A. The simple answer is - when your baby is tired. But many parents miss the small signs that their baby is getting tired and ready to sleep. Waiting too long and allowing your baby to become overtired can actually make sleeping harder. I will teach you to understand the clues your baby's behavior gives you.

Q. How much sleep does my baby need?


Of course every baby is unique - but these times are true for many.

Revital Gandelman - Certified Baby Sleeping Consultant.

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